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SH 5-Fold Ministries Training Institute is excited to announce our Online/Distance Learning 

Be equipped for your personal Christian walk or Ministry from wherever you currently live and serve with our flexible, online degree program.

All our online courses earn you ministry credits with the potential for transfer into our many Certificate, Diploma and Degree programs.

All classes begin mid-May and run for 12 weeks.

We are offering all our courses at a special rate of $250 as a COVID-19 incentive. We want to make sure finances do not stand in the way of you advancing your God giving calling.


School of the Prophets—A foundation in the Office Gift and Spirit of Prophecy

Introduction to Ministry—Where we look at the Heart and Character of God’s Leader

The Gifts of the Spirit—Student will learn how to Biblically recognize and exercise whatever gifts the Holy Spirit has imparted or will impart to them. 

All available courses will be thought by Bishop E. Edward  Robinson ll, known as "The Preaching Prophet". With an “Apostolic and Prophetic Assignment to cause a Spiritual awakening of the people of God all over the globe”

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